Executive Officers and Committee Chairs

Executive Officers


2021-2023   Regent, Kara Marselle

2021-2022   First Vice Regent, Valerie Martini

2021-2023   Second Vice Regent, Dana Vassos

2021-2023   Chaplain, Ruth Werst

2021-2023   Recording Secretary, Linda Adrian

2020-2022   Corresponding Secretary, Karen Sporny

2020-2022   Treasurer, Carol Fortier

2021-2023   Registrar, Judy Sporny

2021-2023   Historian, Beth Webster

2020-2022   Librarian, Janet Burkart

2021-2023   Parliamentarian appointed, Susan Schwerdtfeger

Kara Marselle
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Linda Adrian
Carol Fortier
Beth Webster
Janet Burkart
Ruth Werst

Committees with National Recognition

-Committee Chairs listed below


American Heritage, Dana Vassos


American Indians, Kara Marselle

Children of the American Revolution, Beth Webster

Conservation, Joyce Hemphill

DAR Project Patriot, Beth Webster

DAR Scholarship, Rosemary Caldwell

DAR Service for Veterans, Valerie Martini

Flag of the United States of America, Pat Winter

Insignia, Pat Winter

Lineage Research, Judy Sporny

Literacy Promotion, Amy Pagels

Membership, Diane Eads

National Defense, Dana Vassos

Public Relations and Media, Kara Marselle

Volunteer Genealogist, Judy Sporny

Volunteer Information Specialist (VIS), Kara Marselle

Women's Issues, Victoria Skyles